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Near Field Communication and Contactless Digital Payments

People will prefer contactless over contact payment due to increasing penetration of smartphones, speed of transaction and COVID-19. Contactless payments are safer because it's tough to copy the data as compared to cloning a physical card. In this Business-Oriented course, learn about; ...

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An introduction to trading the news!

Struggling to find consistent profits using technical analysis? Tired of relying on inflexible, inconsistent and simplistic technical indicators. Have looked into the fundamentals but are so far confused by how and why they impacts the forex markets so much? See value in the fundamentals but don't ...

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How to invest into the stock market

Have you always wondered how people made money in stocks? Have you always thought about investing but aren't sure where to get started? Don't act irrational and invest logical! Stocks can make you wealthy but can also make you lose alot of money. We don't have infinite amount of time, money ...

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Complete Beginner To Advance Forex Course

Interested in Forex Trading? Then this course is for you! Take this course now and learn with a Forex trader with more than three years of experience, who will help you learn complex theory, analysis and Forex strategies in a simple and practical way. ...

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