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Master The Java Programming Language

I have a very specific goal in designing this course, being an Architect I do have an additional role of bringing up trainees or freshers upto the speed of the Java development, and in the process I need to device a training plan where they need to understand the most important aspects of Java ...

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The Complete SQL Bootcamp 2021: from Zero to Hero SQL

If you want to learn how to gain insights from data but are too intimidated by databases to know where to start, then this course is for you. This course is a gentle but comprehensive introduction to MySQL, one of the most highly in-demand skills in the business sector today.Learn how to use SQL ...

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Build an API from scratch with Python, Django, SQLite3

API stands for Application Programming Interface.An API is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other. In other words, an API is the messenger that delivers your request to the provider that you're requesting it from and then delivers the response back to you.When ...

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Python Hacking Complete Beginner to Advanced Course

Python Hacking Complete Beginner to Advanced Course:Section 1- 8 - Beginner LevelSection 9-14 - Intermediate LevelSection 15-21 - Advanced Level.Ethical Hacking is the process of identifying potential threats and vulnerabilities on a computer or network through advanced tools and techniques. An ...

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Machine Learning Real World projects in Python

Machine Learning is one of the hottest technology field in the world right now! This field is exploding with opportunities and career prospects. Machine Learning techniques are widely used in several sectors now a days such as banking, healthcare, finance, education transportation and ...

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Data Analysis Real world use-cases- Hands on Python

This is the first course that gives hands-on Data Analysis Projects using Python..Can you start right now?A frequently asked question of Python Beginners is: "Do I need to become an expert in Python coding before I can start working on Data Analysis Projects?"The clear answer is: "No!You just ...

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Applied Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis with Python

"Bitcoin (BTC) price just reached a new ALL TIME HIGH! #cryptocurrency #bitcoin #bullish"For you and me, it seems pretty obvious that this is good news about Bitcoin, isn't it? But is it that easy for a machine to understand it? ... Probably not ... Well, this is exactly what this course ...

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