SPLK-3001 Splunk Enterprise Security Admin Exam

Practice these questions and boost your confidence to take the exam.

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This course is built for students who are ready to take the Splunk Enterprise Security Certified Admin certification.

Splunk Enterprise Security Certified Admin Exam Description:

The Splunk Enterprise Security (ES) Certified Admin exam is the final step towards the completion of the Splunk ES Certified Admin certification. This app-specific certification exam is a 57-minute, 66-question assessment that evaluates a candidate’s knowledge and skills in the installation, configuration, and management of Splunk Enterprise Security. Candidates can expect an additional 3 minutes to review the exam agreement, for a total seat time of 60 minutes.

Topics Include:

1.0 ES Introduction 5%

2.0 Monitoring and Investigation 10%

3.0 Security Intelligence 5%

4.0 Forensics, Glass Tables, and Navigation Control 10%

5.0 ES Deployment 10%

6.0 Installation and Configuration 15%

7.0 Validating ES Data 10%

8.0 Custom Add-ons 5%

9.0 Tuning Correlation Searches 10%

10.0 Creating Correlation Searches 10%

11.0 Lookups and Identity Management 5%

12.0 Threat Intelligence Framework 5%

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