SAP ABAP for HANA certification preparation test

Prepare yourself for certification exam Development Specialist - ABAP for SAP HANA 2.0 (E_HANAAW14)

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Main Features:

  • 130+ Questions

  • No repetition of questions

  • Scenario-based questions

  • 3 Practice tests

  • Specially designed for SAP Certified Development Specialist – ABAP for SAP HANA 2.0 (E_HANAAW14) 

  • Monthly updates

  • Covered questions on topics in the certification books  HA400, HA300, and HA100.

Note: It highly recommends to read the certification books HA400, HA300, and HA100 before appearing for the actual certification exam.

Sample Questions and answers:

  1. Which are the features added to the ABAP Dictionary to support the SAP HANA database?  There are 3 correct answers.

  • De-pooling and de-clustering

  • Changes in the data class

  • Definition of an enhancement category

  • Definition of full-text indexes

  • Storage type for tables

  2. In an ABAP Core Data services (CDS) view, what you must do to expose an association for use in another CDS view?

  • Specify the other views in which the association can be used

  • Include all fields used in the ON condition in the projection list

  • Specify an alias for the target entity

  • Define the cardinality for the target entity

SAP Certification Exam Facts:

  • 40 questions

  • 90 mins

  • Passing 65%

  • Approximately 70% of questions are on topics covered in the certification book  HA400 and 30% are from HA100 and HA300.

  • All question have same weighting ( every question is worth 1 point )

  • No partial scoring ( you get one point for the entire question or nothing )

  • Questions from the same topic stay together, the topic sequence is randomized

  • The source material is course handbook/e-book

  • Same 40 questions for everyone and every time

  • Always objective, never opinion-based

  • No true/false questions

Exam taking strategies:

  • Use the elimination method, choose what is left.

  • Keep cycling through questions, don’t get stuck on one question.

Preparation strategies

  • Stick to course-book / e-book, use another resource only to clarify

  • Look in the course material for keywords ‘always’, ‘must’, ‘never’ etc.

  • Look for bullet/tables/ lists in course material

  • Look for ‘>> Notes’ in the course material

  • Look for special cases/restrictions

  • Look for SAP recommendations

You will be tested on

  • Concepts, Functions, Rules, Limits, Prerequisites, Sequence of a task, Best practices 

and not  on

  • Screen content, Detailed practical knowledge, Past project experiences

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