Isaca CISM Exam Questions – 2019 Practice Test

Just a set of CISM questions that can help you with your upcoming exam.

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Earning your CISM certification encompasses a great deal of different disciplines within the realm of information security, and achieving this certification will open up new avenues for career-minded security professionals that need to showcase their skills as an information security specialist. There are 4 Domains that need to be understood by potential candidates:

Information Security Governance (24%)

Information Risk Management and Compliance (30%)

Information Security Program Development and Management (27%)

Information Security Incident Management (19%)

And this set of practice questions covers all the above topics.

Sample Questions:

1) Which of the following would BEST ensure the success of information security governance within an organization?

    a] Steering committees approve security projects

    b] Security policy training provided to all managers

    c] Security training available to all employees on the intranet

    d] Steering committees enforce compliance with laws and regulations

Answer:   a]

2) The decision on whether new risks should fall under periodic or event-driven reporting should be based on which of the following?

    a] Mitigating controls

    b] Visibility of impact

    c] Likelihood of occurrence

    d] Incident frequency

Answer:   b]

3) Which of the following is generally used to ensure that information transmitted over the Internet is authentic and actually transmitted by the named sender?

    a] Biometric authentication

    b] Embedded steganographic

    c] Two-factor authentication

    d] Embedded digital signature

Answer:   d]

4) Which of the following application systems should have the shortest recovery time objective (RTO)?

    a] Contractor payroll

    b] Change management

    c] E-commerce web site

    d] Fixed asset system

Answer:   c]

Once you practice these tests and score 80% or higher consistently, you’ll be ready to schedule your test date. Plus by taking the time to properly prepare now – you’ll avoid wasting more time and money

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to clear the CISM Certification ASAP by having a good practice of the type of questions that come in the exam can use this set.
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