Electric Circuits

Circuit Analysis

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Learn electric circuits and circuit analysis from ground up to advanced level

In this course you will learn:

-System of units(SI).

-Charge and current.


-Power and energy.

-Circuit elements.

-passive and active elements.

-Ohm’s law.

-Nodes and branches and loops.

-Kirchhoff’s laws(KVL,KCL).

-Series resistors & voltage division.

-Parallel resistors & current division.

-Wye to Delta & Delta to Wye conversion.

-Nodal analysis & Super node.

-Mesh analysis & Super mesh.


-Source transformation.

-Thevenin’s theorem.

-Norton’s theorem.

-Maximum power transfer.


-Series and parallel capacitors.


-Series and parallel inductors.

-Complex numbers.

-Sinusoids & phasors.

-Converting from time domain to phasor domain.

-Impedance for capacitors & Inductors.

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